D-n-i echo: preserving files from Chet Richards's late lamented website, Defense in the National Interest

A John Boyd bibliography

When I was writing my dissertation on how to apply John Boyd's thinking to the problem of counter-insurgency, a most valuable resource was the Defense in the National Interest website maintained by his friend and acolyte, Chester Richards. Weeks before I submitted the paper, Chet decided to abandon the website, and he invited anyone who cared to download the materials there. I did so for all the documents in my bibliography. (Others too have made mirror sites of D-n-i, but who knows how durable those mirrors will prove?) To these I have added other available books and monographs by and about John Boyd. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford

A Discourse on Winning and Losing

The Discourse is a spiral-bound document, dated 1987 but probably assembled in 1992, and containing four sets of briefing slides and his monograph Destruction and Creation, in this order:

Other documents

Books about John Boyd

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